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Broadly speaking, Bitcoin is a decentralized, independent virtual currency and, to some extent limited. This means that the currency is created not by a government or central bank controlled, which makes it the first coin of its kind and at the same time becomes something a little hard to explain, it does not exist in the real world and it is only made up of bits and bytes.
The recent explosion of the price, unprecedented in history, gave an excessive popularity almost from night to morning and made its first users into instant millionaires. This article will cover part of its history and its basic operation to guarantee you a good idea of ​​where it originated, how it works and what are its advantages.

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Bitcoin is a criptodivisa, so named because it is a digital medium of exchange based on principles of cryptography. Basically,Bitcoins are digital coins are transferred from person to person without the interference of a bank or a centralized system.
Money can change hands, regardless of the place of residence or distance between participants, through the use of Internet. One of its main advantages is that the transaction fees are minimal if compared with traditional methods.

800 satoshi every 1200 minutes.

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Payment or currency

Bitcoin or its acronym BTC is a cryptocurrency indicate a form of payment or currency exchange that uses cryptography to control the creation, management and transfer, rather than having to rely on banks or relevant authorities.


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For example, a transaction of $ 6.5 MDD conducted through Bitcoin almost immediately with a transfer rate of $ 0.06 USD (6 cents), while the same service through PayPal would have cost $ 188.500 USD and it would have taken 3 to 5 business days to be approved.
This dramatic reduction of time and operating costs is explained simply. Unlike big banks that require huge skyscrapers, employees,computers and expensive servers, Bitcoinharnesses the power of the Internet for each of the computers on your network are responsible for processing information.
This virtual currency can be used by anyone, because that is not controlled by any institution, it is not possible for the user accounts are frozen. Of course, the absence of support from an economicinstitution has both advantages and disadvantages, issues to be discussed later.

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